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What is Ministry in Secular Employment?

It is Christian ministry exercised by accredited ministers, ordained and lay, within and through any kind of secular work. Work and working relationships are its raw material. The ministry is full-time when expressed in full-time work.

  • As Ministers in Secular Employment we live out our vocation through meeting God at work.
  • By choosing to share the daily experience of our work colleagues, we celebrate the presence of God, and see and tell the Christian story.
  • This affirmation of God's concern for every aspect of creation is an essential part of the ministry, mission and life of the church.

What do Ministers in Secular Employment (MSEs) do?

Their ministry is integral to their full-time work. By being in the workplace they are saying: 'This work, these situations, these people, and the people for whom this work is done, matter to the God who has called me and to the Church which has accredited me'. Through 'being there' MSEs have opportunities to

  • influence events in the direction of the Kingdom of God
  • make themselves available pastorally and confidentially
  • stand with those who need support
  • ease burdens and help others realise joys
  • integrate faith with working life

Whenever they lead worship or discussion in church their experience of faith at work becomes an invaluable resource.

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