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If you are aware of any information on this website that is incorrect or requires updating, please contact the Webmaster.

This Website was last updated on 09 September 2015. The following changes have been made since launch:

20 March 2017 Amended description of purpose of Chrism on home page in line with description in the Journal
15 March 2017 Updated details of committee members, added 2017 membership form
09 September 2015 Addition of Chrism 0 aide memoire
08 September 2014 Updated list of books held in the Michael Ranken Memorial Library
23 February 2010 Renamed Publications page: now Articles
Amended menu system on Articles and Journal pages
27 February 2009 Added Google Search facility
22 December 2009 Fixed Publications page to give access to articles from the Journal
19 December 2009 Addition of facility to change the size of the text on each webpage
Addition of this page (website details)
Addition of site map
04 December 2009 Re-design of website

Website details
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