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CHRISM has published a resource book which poses some of the questions or reflections which face Christians working in secular environments. Click here to see further details of the Theology Resource Book.

Members of CHRISM have written brief occasional papers on topics considered to be of general importance to Ministers in Secular Employment. Click here for further details.

CHRISM's farthest flung member, Richard Spence, in Wellington - that's New Zealand, not Shropshire - administers an excellent website with a wealth of information and resources of interest to MSEs. The site includes all book reviews carried in "Ministers-at-Work" since 2001, which, as with all the other resources on the site, are free to download.

The Mission and the World of Work Programme is a programme is to enable participants to equip themselves to reflect on, explore, develop strategies for and access resources to further mission in the world of work more effectively. It has been developed jointly by Cliff College and the University of Manchester.

The Coventry Diocese first published a booklet entitled 'Reflections on Ministry in Secular Employment' in 2000. It was distributed widely within that diocese and in many other places both nationally and internationally. It has now been reprinted and reissued, as people have continued to find it useful as they explore their own ministry. Its purpose is to encourage other people to tell their stories of their work and reflect theologically on where God is in all this. The book is structured to present personal stories on each left hand page and corresponding reflection on the right hand page. Some brief biographical details are summarised at the front of the book.

Phil Aspinall says: "Time inevitably moves on: since the publication of the first edition many of us have changed our roles in work and life. Some have retired from paid work and, sadly, two of the original contributors have died. We have therefore updated the personal biographies - but the core of the document, the descriptions of the practicalities of our working lives and our theological reflection on the presence and activity of God in our work, have been left unchanged. We dedicate this 2nd edition to the memory of Richard and Nigel."

If you would like a copy, please send a cheque for £5 payable to “CHRISM” to Phil Aspinall at 139 Wiltshire Court, Nod Rise, Coventry, CV5 7JP, including your postal address. And please think about ordering copies to give to other colleagues who might be interested in MSE. For more information, or for larger orders, please email him.

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