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Brief occasional papers written by Members of CHRISM on topics considered to be of general importance to Ministers in Secular Employment. They may be read here, or obtained from Robert Fox, 8 Manor Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE7 7FS (on payment of £0.50 to cover printing and postage).

They include:

  • CHRISM Paper 2 - Care
  • CHRISM Paper 3 - Spirituality for Work
  • CHRISM Paper 4 - The Spirit of Sacrifice at Work
  • CHRISM Paper 5 - MSEs and Retirement
  • CHRISM Paper 6 - Training for MSE
  • CHRISM Paper 7 - The Kingdom of Heaven is like....
  • CHRISM Paper 8 - Making a Difference - an MSE journey of reflection based on the CHRISM 2004 reflective weekend. (Only available in printed format. Price £3 from the Journal Editor
  • CHRISM Paper 9 - Worship Resources (consiting of assembled and original material, much of it used at previous CHRISM events. Price £4 from the Journal Editor)
  • CHRISM Paper 10 - Spiritual Direction for Ministers in Secular Employment
  • CHRISM Paper 11 - Challenging Clerical Stereotypes: Reflections on the Genesis of NSM
  • CHRISM Paper 12 -
  • CHRISM Paper 13 - Initial Ministerial Education and MSE
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