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Model MSE & NSM Working Agreement

Click here to download a pro forma agreement which is intended to cover all forms of ministry (other than stipendiary and after the serving of title) between a minister and the minister's incumbent (or where the minister is also the incumbent, between the minister and the bishop).This agreement (which is in Word 2003 format) can be amended and supplemented as necessary to suit a wide variety of ministries.

The agreement needs to be specific and realistic. In order to avoid later misunderstanding and difficulties, careful consideration should be given by both parties before the agreement is drawn up to all potential areas and implications of ministry. These may include:

  • The mutual and separate (and possibly conflicting) expectations of the parties. It can be helpful for both to list these at an early stage.
  • Perceived specific needs and interests of the Minister.
  • The expectations and needs of the Minister's spouse and family.
  • The hopes and needs of the parish.
  • The need for the wardens and PCC of the parish to be aware of the main features of the agreement, including recognition and affirmation of a work-focused ministry and any consequential limitations of time for parochial ministry (which the agreement should reflect).
  • The time the Minister has to offer, recognising that preparation for acts of worship and sermons can take a long time, and also that CME, Deanery, Diocesan and any voluntary commitments are taken account of.
  • The building in to the agreement of any relevant skills and experience of the Minister gained through their secular employment.
  • Provision if appropriate for support and review of ministry I the work place, and / or a mentor / work consultant with experience of ministering in a secular environment, and / or support group.
  • Any other matters relevant to the parties, the parish or the Ministers secular employment.

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