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  • (Christian Association of Business Executives) Work closely with the Industrial Mission Association, Faith in Business, CHRISM, MODEM and St Paul's Institute. Arrange lectures, including the annual Hugh Kay Memorial Lecture, principally in London.

Faith in Business

  • Faith in Business is a project concerned with relating Christian faith to the world of work, notably that of business, and has been in existence since 1989. Based at Ridley Hall College in Cambridge, it developed out of a twin concern that the concept of lay ministry is too often restricted to what lay people can do for the church (rather than taking in the work which occupies most of their time), and that the church's attitude to business savours too much of indifference, suspicion or hostility. In contrast, Faith in Business affirms the role of business in God's purposes, and explores the application of Christian faith and values in business. It seeks to encourage lay Christians to be faithful disciples in demanding working contexts and also equips those training at Ridley for ministry with business people. It holds Conferences on aspects of faith and business, and, jointly with the Industrial Christian Fellowship, publishes a quarterly Journal, "Faith in Business".


  • A national and ecumenical Christian network which seeks to initiate authentic dialogue between exponents of leadership, organisation, spirituality and ministry in order to aid the development of better disciples, communities, society and world.

Shared Ministry Network

  • The Shared Ministry Network is a network of people engaged in shared/collaborative/local ministry within the Anglican provinces of Canterbury, York, Scotland and Wales.

St Paul's Institute

  • Based in the City of London, works to develop and support Christian faith among those working in the area.

The Diaconate Association

  • Concerned with the interests of permanent deacons

The Industrial Christian Fellowship

  • ICF is a membership organisation which works to encourage individuals to deepen their understanding of God's purpose in the world of work and to provide support.

The Industrial Mission Association

  • An ecumenical membership organisation for Industrial Chaplains and their supporters.

Transform Work UK

  • The organisation's vision is to encourage and equip Christians to start or join a Christian Workplace Group as it believes that Christians represent the greatest potential for change in the workplace.

Within Intent: Worker-Priests living / working within the M25

This site is mainly about - and for - Church of England (Anglican) priests who live or work within the tarmac'd confines of the M25, and who view their paid work in the so-called secular world as the ministry they are called to.

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