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How does this ministry relate to other ministries?

It complements

  • the ministry of all Christians at work
  • the work of stipendiary or visiting chaplains in industry, hospitals, colleges and other spheres
  • the insights and concerns of ministers working in neighbourhoods, parishes and congregations

How do you become an MSE?


  • offering yourself for ordination/licensing/commissioning in one of the churches that acknowledges ministry in secular employment as part of its ministerial structure; and
  • undertaking appropriate theological and pastoral training (usually on a non-residential basis); and
  • being inducted or licensed by your church to a particular MSE role

or by transferring to ministry in secular employment from another form of church ministry.

How do you find out more?


  • talking to an MSE you know
  • contacting any of the CHRISM representatives listed here
  • consulting your denomination's adviser for ministry,(your local minister should be able to point you in the right direction)
  • obtaining MSE literature relating to your denomination
  • attending appropriate seminars or other meetings which may be suggested to you

How can CHRISM help?


  • is a non-denominational UK-based association of MSEs and others who support this ministry
  • it maintains a network of Local representatives who can advise and assist
  • it has worldwide contacts
  • it offers its members a quarterly newsletter, an annual conference, occasional retreats and other opportunities to make contacts and share experience insights and ideas
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